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National Electric Energy Testing, Research & Applications Center

Faculty Profile - Larry T. Coffeen


Sr. Research Engineer
National Electric Energy Research, Testing & Applications Center

Mailing Address:
5351 Kennedy Road
Forest Park, GA 30297
Phone: 404.675.1883
Fax: 404.675.1885


Mr. Coffeen was born in Athens, Ga. and grew up on a farm outside of Athens. He spent his college career as a co-op student with Georgia Power Company while earning a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Georgia Tech in 1970. He continued to work for Georgia Power in the areas of transmission substation testing and high voltage testing until the formation of NEETRAC in January of 1996. Mr. Coffeen was instrumental in developing the NEETRAC High Voltage Laboratory and the current revision of IEEE Standard Techniques for High Voltage Testing . He has been a laboratory instructor for graduate level courses in high voltage engineering at Georgia Tech, as well as industry short courses in high voltage practices and testing. Mr. Coffeen's most recent projects include the development of test techniques and dedicated test equipment to perform condition assessment of transmission level power transformers, polymer insulators, metal oxide varistor (MOV) lightning arresters, and capacitor coupled voltage transformers (CCVTs). His other interests include studying the Bible, running, and auto mechanics.

Research Interests

  • Off-line and on-line technology and test equipment development for predicting substation transformer winding and CCVT failures using frequency response analysis (FRA)
  • Off-line technology and test equipment development for field dielectric assessment of transmission level polymer insulators and MOV lightning arresters

Distinctions & Patents

  • Senior member IEEE: PSIM Committee and the Transformers Committee FRA WG of the Power Engineering Society. Member IEEE Power Electronics Society
  • 2006 Research Spotlight Award from the Georgia Tech School of ECE
  • 2003 PES Chapter Outstanding Engineer Award for contributions to the advancement of HV Engineering
  • 1997 PES Working Group Award for IEEE std 4-1995
  • Three patents on power transformer frequency response analysis: 6,369,582, issued 4/9/2002; 6,549,017, issued 4/15/2003; 6,853,939 issued 2/8/2005
  • Two patents on field testing polymer insulators and MOV lightning arresters: 7,061,253, issued 6/13/2006; 7,167,007, issued 1/23/2007

Selected Publications

  • Coffeen, L., McBride, J., Woldemariam, N., Benach, J., Van der Zel, L., “An On-line Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) Update AND a New EPRI Commercial Prototype FRA Installation at First Energy,” TechCon Asia - Pacific, Sydney Australia, May 5, 2009. Paper presented by L. Coffeen.
  • Coffeen, L., McBride, J., Cantrelle, D., “Initial Development of EHV Bus Transient Voltage Measurement: An Addition to On-Line Transformer FRA,” EPRI Substation Equipment Diagnostics Conference, March 2008.
  • Coffeen, L., Cantrelle, D., Mango, J., “On-line Monitor Tracks Transformer Health,” T & D World Magazine, October 2007. (password required)
  • Coffeen, L. “Switching Transients on a Southern Company 500 / 230 kV Autotransformer: Examples from Project to Present Date,” IEE Transformer Committee, October 2007 Meeting.
  • Coffeen, L., McBride, J., Cantrelle, D., Mango, J., Benach, J., “Recent Developments in On-line Transformer Frequency Response Analysis (FRA),” Proceedings of the 2006 EPRI Substation Equipment Diagnostics Conference XIV, July 16-19, 2006, in San Diego, CA . Paper presented by L. Coffeen.
  • Coffeen, L., Hildreth, J., “A New Development in Power Transformer Off-Line & On-Line Frequency Response Analysis (FRA),” Presented at EPRI Substation Equipment Diagnostics Conference IX, New Orleans, LA , February, 2001.
  • McBride, J., Coffeen, L., “The Application of Spectral Density Based Estimates in Processing Digital Records from High Voltage Measurements,” Proc. Of International Symposium on Digital Techniques in High Voltage Measurements, Toronto , CA , October 28-30, 1991. Sponsored by CIGRE Study Committee 33, WG 03, IEEE PES PSIM Committee.
  • Coffeen, L., McBride, J., “High Voltage ac Resistive Current Measurements Using a Computer Based Digital Watts Technique,” IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 550-556, April 1991.

Last revised on October 7, 2011